Football prediction betting tips for Brescia – SPAL

By tipsadmin

Brescia hosts SPAL at the Stadio Mario Rigamonti in a game between two teams which are on their way to the Serie B. Let’s take a look in these football prediction betting tips today.

Brescia are among the newcomers in the Calcio this season. They made some impressive signings in the summer such as Mario Balotelli’s, but their performance have been terrible. Right now Brescia are 19th in the Serie A with 21 points and survival looks almost impossible for them. They are currently 9 points behind the 17th Genoa and the safe zone.

Brescia are currently in a run of three consecutive losses in the Serie A, losing four of their last five matches in the division. In their last game Brescia they paid a visit to Atalanta in Bergamo, but got humilated for a 2-6 defeat. Ernesto Torregrossa and Nikolas Spalek scored the visitors’ only goals in the game.

Of course, we should not be too harsh on Brescia. At this moment Atalanta are one of the best teams in Italy, so it’s not really a failure to lose against them.

SPAL are the weakest team in the Serie A right now, being 20th in the table with 19 points. It looks like their time in the Calcio is running out.

At this moment SPAL are in a negative run of four consecutive defeats in the Serie A. In their last game Luigi Di Biagio’s boys faced Inter Milan and gave their all, but still suffered a 0-4 loss at the Paolo Mazza.

In our football prediction betting tips today we can admit that most probably the match between Brescia and SPAL is not sparkling such a huge interest among the fans. We could say both sides look doomed and on their way for the Serie B, but they still must finish the season after all.